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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bangalore Post

Blogging from Bangalore in the car driving to airport.
Height of Coincidence- coming face to face with a co-traveler from the morning flight at the client’s place. I am dying of curiosity as to who she was. Twice I almost asked her but she had a “ignore-value” look on her face that discouraged me from confronting her with my queries.
Had lunch at the Mexican place Miller 60. Interesting cardboard menu card with tidbits about the Mexican bandits, cattle branding and steaks.
I took a lamb steak sizzler with Mexican rice. The pepper preparation was yummy but forever hot, served on a bed of cabbage leaves and baby corn/ beans/ carrot. The sizzler plate was a seated bull.
The décor had wooden panel wood (bull hide colour), bull heads, rifles mounted, lanterns, saddle, glass tables with log base,
to be continued...
Ok..Like I said, kahani abhi khatm nahin hui hai....
I am back to blogging from Bangalore airport. Tough luck that you finish the meeting early, rush to the airport after the sizzling lunch (see above) and find you have seats to the earlier flight. The only thing is that the 4.15 flight is delayed by 45 minutes due to the craft not incoming on time and you are better off in the previously booked 5.30 flight.
So as I was saying, the mexican ranch decor also included funny shaped chairs, waiters wearing the cowboy style belt, and a totally modern-rustic appeal. I am amazed that the look and feel of the place is similar to hubby's office which is based on the stable theme with wooden panelling, cowboy belts, hat, lantern. We were discouraged from displaying the working rifle since we do not have a license and found the old leather saddle a little too expensive at this point- Rs 4000 from a guy roaming the roads on his horse. Interesting thing is that he gave his visiting card for future contact if we changed our mind about the price.

Anyway, back to the sizzler, the meat was too tough for my liking and I was seated in a such a way that the hot peppery steam was blowing into my face. I had to tilt at an awkward angle furing the meal. A fast eater like me will feel annoyed at the super slow pace the sizzler needs to be eaten if like me you cannot tolerate stuffing your face with sizzling hot food. To me meat is best enjoyed at the just right temperature so that you savour every morsel and chew it well and do not gulp to save your mouth from getting singed. I am glad I took the sweet-salt fresh lime soda to mellow the sizzle. Normally I don't select a sizzler for these reasons but I am glad I took this chance this time. Learning for the day- it is absolutely foolish to serve complimentary breads with cheese. You fill up the stomach with them while you are waiting for the main course and end up deserting the dessert.

Speaking of food, I am appalled at the lack of a decent eating lounge at Chennai/ Bangalore airport. The best place to be stuck in the airport is Mumbai were you have 2 coffee Day lounges where you can have a lazy meal and browse in peace. Bangalore airport to me is the worst place to get stuck.


Asha said...

Don't remind me of Bangalore airport. It's a waste for sure.

Itchingtowrite said...

asha- the new one is going to be 2 hours away- wonder how one will reach on time. thy shud do a fast train to reach the airport like the one in beijing i think

Mama - Mia said...

aah the woes of bangalore airport!! o=i am dreading the new airport even more!! we are 50kms away from the new one!! :( :(

am taking my first train journey with kabir next week!! and hoping life wont be difficult! hehe!

millers usually serves great food!and their blueberry cheese cake is to die for! pity the desset got deserted! :D

the twins look ADORABLE!! :)

Itchingtowrite said...

abha- may be next time i would do the cheese cake.
enjoy the train journey
i had hoped the twins would be thrilled abt the journey but did not see much of a thrill. i guess they didn't much realize what was going on or even if they did, thy are not telling. i was kind of disappointed at no visible signs of pleasure