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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Foot in the Mouth Disease & Some More

Setting- the Day after my Wedding.
I am describing to the cousin & his wife an apartment we had almost finalised.
I was trying to compare this apartment loosely to their four-floored house.
"This apartment was similar to the ground and 1st floor of your house. Only difference is, this one was a duplex and yours is a fourplex (pronounced foreplay to rhyme with duplex)
Setting- Sometime before my wedding
Going to be Hubby K sitting and talking with my kid brother inside the room. I am at the study table outside the room, in full view of only K.
K was passing rude comments on me in collusion with my brother. In reply I just raised the middle finger at him secure in the knowledge that only he could see me thereby not spoiling my image in front of my brother. The action got reflected on the paint of the door of the room. Kid brother quietly mentions- I saw that.


~nm said...

Simply hilarious!! Both of them! I;m sure you must have turned red in both the situations :D

How do we know said...

Foot in the mouth disease for sure!

choxbox said...

the Q re ideal location - from whose POV? marketer's or consumer's?

dipali said...

Clever girl!

Itchingtowrite said...

nm, how do we - u bet
choxbox- consumer's because consumer's point of view should ideally become marketers point of view. whatever the consumer chooses marketer shud follow. one might get biased answers here for example one working in an IT park may say IT park as the best location but biases exist in all surveys. we need further questions to really get the right answers. but thatnks for putting that into perspective for me.
dipali- probably i cud have behaved cool to hide my embarassment

Anonymous said...

ok , I make a lil confession and then go back and read the whole post. I swear duplex looked like durex to me. I think it's all those e's and x's that got me !