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Monday, April 28, 2008

We Are Social Animals

We love to connect, we love to share and we love to eat. We feed our guests till the neck. We communicate over food and with food. We exchange recipes. Food cuts across conversations, age groups, gender, size (trust me to say size) and religion. The expressway to our hearts intersects at the stomach. And more than anything else, a good dish is best enjoyed when shared. It adds to the joy. It corroborates your food-critic-skills. No wonder the new 5 star is warning against sharing, we do have such an inherent tendency to share- either out of love or out of guilt.
And in such a food loving society, the certain someone in my house goes veg. Well I already posted about it in a fit of desperation yesterday and I want to elaborate on the last line- you have become boring, you have become vegetarian!
Now my arguments-
  1. What is the point of eating out when you cannot share your favourite dish of the day? Imagine going to Kabab factory on our birthday and he eats veg and you eat non-veg- how will you communicate? What will you talk about during the entire meal? How will you argue on which kabab with what chutney is good? For that matter, will you ever go to kabab factory? What is the point of going there and eating potato and veggies and paneer?
  2. What do I cook on weekends? Till now I had the excuse that since he eats nothing else if there is non-veg, I don't cook an elaborate meal. Now what? More importantly my likes and his dislikes in veg preparations intersect perfectly.
  3. Imagine going to that awesome buffet. I don't do veg at all in buffets. I get stuck at the non-veg counter like the way vehicles get stuck at Madhya Kailash and used to get stuck at Kathipara junction before the flyover got going. Now we will have separate paths and separate destinations. I would rather go alone. Imagine even the kids will not share his plate. They only say 'chickaiiiiiin" when we go out. So both will be eyeing my plate only.
  4. What happens to the lovely nepali chicken recipe the office chef tried and I copied to surprise hubby finally with a different chicken preparation?
  5. And sob sob, I cannot impress him with cakes and puddings on weekend. And since he is not eating, I am sure he will not buy any for me either.

I rest my case.


I am heading out to the airport in another 10 minutes. For the 1st time since active and obsessiv blogging I am not taking my laptop with me. So it's blog holiday tomorrow unless I can come back and gt hubby to connect for me to post, since I will b locking my laptop in my office. Or perhaps I could just drop by and post on the way back home.

Wonder how I will survive without this machine.

To think, I once never had a credit card or mobile. And today, my travel kit also consists of the reliance data card and pen drive? What am I going to do with the pen drive on a travel like this. Yet I am taking it with me like my set of house keys. And a pen drive that is slowly becoming like my handbag - with its odd assortment of files and songs and even a movie and I hate to delete any of them.


SUR NOTES said...

yes yes, this is a crisis!
i understand, and hope the certain someone in your house remedies the situation soon.
( i am still gloating over the the fish curry and the prawn curry i made yesterday, can not imagine eating it alone!)
and post this nepali recipe please!

Chaitali Patel said...

wow never thought being a vegetarian was such a pain!!! :)

Suma said...

i'm a veg so i cannot help u here...:)

so how was teh trip without teh laptop?

Itchingtowrite said...

sur- will do that soon
chaitali- yes it is... !!! now u know
suma great trip but a wait at the airport had me itching to write err type

Mama - Mia said...


i can imagien your pain!! hubby keeps saying what if i was vegeterian! he would have died AND gone to hell!

he still cribs about how i dont eat prawns (allergic) and beef (just cant) and we cant share it when we go to a resto!

hope certain someone gives up on this ghass phoos vrat soon!

all the best!


Alan said...

If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did He make them out of meat?