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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wierd Stuff for Babies

Some absolutely useless stuff
Grooming Baby- Whatever happened to smelling like a baby, plunging your nose into your baby's neck and hair and taking deep breaths imbibing your baby's unique scent- we have perfumes for babies. Personally I would have less chemicals on their skin. I would have avoided talcum powder too but I don't have an alternative for that.

Tooth Fairy's Nightmare- Aren't these cute. You are encouraging bad dental hygiene above all and the message is - it is ok to have wierd and bad teeth. Like I was told that I worry unecessarily about rotting teeth - it's only milk teeth that will fall off eventually. Why the hell do I encourage bacteria co-habiting in my kid's mouth? I would rather prevent even if they are milk teeth only. My kids have a right to look good without a view of rotting black teeth.

And now an outsourced lullaby or what- Don't complain later if your kid does not listen to you. You have more than trained him just so. Take a stroll and instead of listening to the birds chirping and the dogs barking and the other kids squealing and playing, your baby lives in its own world of music. Now that is what I called conditioned switching off or rather switching on. Am I a fool? I was talking 19 to a dozen to my kids pointing out stupid stuff like lizards and butterflies when I took them for a stroll in their stroller.

Taking the Gory Forward- A shipwreck set complete with skeletan. I am glad they have come to their senses and discontinued it.

And we lament about leaving kids home when we go on work. What about this new design of the playpen. This is a cage with cedar chips lining the cage, baby blanket, a bottle and feeder. Training you for every evenuality that might come in future. And we though Harry Potter was the ill-treated child.

Baby Hanger- Picture this, you and your kid are shopping or travelling and you have this sudden urge to pee. This will be most useful!! Practical but wierd and I would rather control the urge or rather not travel alone. More than anything else, I would be forever scared that the harness system may fail and the baby may fall right down.

Monopoly with swipe card- And now monopoly that keeps up with the times. A debit card system. So no more thrills of counting the green bucks. What happens with the batteries play hooky in the middle of the game?

Now this is what I like...

Does someone has a T shirt in the lines of "Powerchick Mom" or "supermom", something to that effect?


I,me,myself said...

hey whr did u get tht t-shirt from?

Itchingtowrite said...

i me myself- got them from gandhi nagar - cents & pence store

Mama - Mia said...

awesome!! really cute tees!! leme try and look for these too! hehe!!

kabir has one that says Mummy's New Man! hehe! had seen one tee for the mom's that said mom rules, dad obeys! it was part of westside maternity wear!

i had tee from there that had arrow going to my belly and said Baby Under Construction! hehe!

as for all the weird baby stuff!! haha! people come up with strngest things!!

niice post!! awesome snaps!! :)

How do we know said...

These are REALLY, REALLY nice T Shirts. Loved seeing them!! And am sure ur kids like wearing them!

Shobana said...

Cool Tee's!

Can u get cornstarch based powders?I know J&J has those...not sure if you can get it in India. Those are better than the talcum based ones.

Itchingtowrite said...

mamma mia- must go looking for those tees
how do we know- they were them almost every other day
shobana- i am not sure whether we get corn based talc-

artnavy said...

i avoided talc all the way- not required really- I think!

Love that T shirt
am going to get anush one

choxbox said...

the baby hanger looks super weird!

Usha said...

I am shocked at the baby cage - I was appalled at the cage for dogs at my cousin's place but now this takes the cake. Somebody should sue these guys!

Anonymous said...

really cute :) are tejas and ojas identical or fraternal?