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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Babies Speak Hindi

Ojas tells me- संभाल के pakdo

(hold me carefully)
Me- Ojas give me kissie
Ojas- अभी नहीं (not now)
Height of irritation
Tejas at 2 am when I am desperately trying to sleep and have ben trying to put him to sleep for the last 2 hours-
Kakka (potty)
I say get up and go, remove your pajamas
He goes to the door and I ask you want to go kakka
Tejas- No, susi
This goes on for atleast 3 times until I give up and slap him.

Tejas insists that Ojas should put the pajamas for him.

Ojas- No Ojas tired. Hands टूटी (hands are broken, and rolling his head simultaneously as if he is fainting)


Tejas asked me to search for his car. I asked him to look in the other room. Without even looking he says- नहीं है (it's not there)


I give an excuse Mamma hands टूटी, give me kiss. Ojas gives a kiss. I tell Tejas you also give me kiss (to repair my hand).

Tejas points at Ojas - no kissie, हो गया! (indicating that Ojas had alrady kissed so the hand is repaired)


Last night, for the sakeof doing something interesting before going to bed, I took out the sticker story book gifted by my cousin's wife D. It was a Mowgli story with 75 re-usable stickers. Only hitch is that the stickers don't stick back on the original location. I thought we will just read the story without messing with the stickers. To be honest I had thought the sticker thing to be a waste, thinking the kids at this age would hardly be able to connect and would tear the stickers or spoil them by folding and causing them to stick. But after I started reading to them, I thought what the heck and showed them that they had to match the illustrations in the story with the sticker on the sticker sheet. I showed them how to peel the stickers and allowed them to peel off themslves by peeling an edge for them first. I was frankly surprised that the kids were able to match the right sticker. I had clearly underestimated them. Initially I took pains to set right the stickers that were put crooked but on the right spot (another surprise for me). A page later thy were placing th stickers nearly correct. The only problem was that I was asking them to alternatly find and stick stickers and they would say very sweetly now Ojas then Tejas (will peel and stick stickers) but every time one took th chance the other screamed and rolled on the bed, especially Ojas. And they referred to Mowgli as Jungli and Baaloo as Teddy and the Wolves as Dog. So I am off to buy two things today- more sticker books (I have 2 more with me) and more Jungli story books.

Note- We were declared clean yesterday- my car passed the Emission test - one of the many things our office takes care off. It is annually organised in office as part of save the environment drive.


choxbox said...

looks like you have double the fun we have here!

baby~amore' said...

I have fraternal twin boys too - 21 months old
I found you on topblog... very cute .
We have double the fun too.

Adorable little boys you have

My Little Drummer boys

The E HomeMaker said...

putting hiba to sleep has always been the biggest deal ever! all day i wait for hubby to come and then wait for hiba to sleep! to set a routine, i have started to put her to bed early. at around 9:45 pm so she sleeps by 10:15 or 10:30. she keeps on reciting her poems and all the words she knows during that time. by now she know...lights off means YOU HAVE TO SLEEP NO MATTER WHAT. so its kinda working out for us. try it sometime.

Itchingtowrite said...

choxbox- evn the trouble is double!
baby amore- thanks for dropping by, i visited yours too
e hommaker-i wish mine were as obedients as yours. mine will always switch on the light the moment I switch off. but i need to sometimes force them to sleep and then i tell tall tales to get them intrested in lying down and listening