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Friday, April 11, 2008

Dress Code

Every grown up I have known laments about one thing from their childhood- their mother dressing them up alike inspite of their age difference.
Some of us used to like getting dressed up alike and some are scarred for ever for being made to do that.
A variation would be having the same type, design, material, embroidery but a different colour. So there is equality on all respects except for the colour.
My sis and I always had either of the above for choice. We never did hate being dressed up alike or similarly rather it made things simpler for my sis- she used to pick up the pair of what I would pick up for the day. Probably these things run deep. The last 2 times or infact the last several times we shopped togther, I found myself to be instinctively drawn towards whatever she picked up. This is either genetic or I rely on her fashinable instincts.
Anyway, I try to dress my double trouble as per option 2- same in all respects except colour or maybe pattern. Even if I don't do that, I always buy a pair either of similar style or price and pair them for every wearing occassion. So that similar ones get worn out at the same time and one doesn't end up feeling deprived if I have to discard one of the pair before the other.
But things are never so simple. Both want to wear the same colours and the same piece if possible. They manage to find differences in identical pieces also whether it is a dress or a toy or chaddi or pajama. They do have their favourite colours or pieces but I have faced many a meltdown for a particular colour or pattern. More often than not I get gifted identical pieces so I have a healthy mix of identical and similar for using on both kind of situations- when they want identical or similar. You will almost never find a situation when one is wearing a full pant & the other shorts or one is wearing a T-shirt & the other a shirt- despite my best efforts to make thm like different things at different points of time, I never succeed. So tomorrow Ojas & Tejas, do not dare to blame me and discuss among your friends that "Mamma made us wear same clothes everytime"

Different Colour T shirts, Identical pattern, Different colour cordroys, overall same

Same colour, similar pattern, overall same- T-shirt & identical jeans
completely different put paired at the time of purchase- same style, different color/ design, completely different unpaired pajamas

What to do when the Dad wants to copy the kids? Unless I do the same, I will be the odd wo-man out


dipali said...

Your triplets look adorable!
I like your preemptive defence:)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Adorable write up!!Absolutely cute..You are damn lucky I guess

Lavs said...

O&T look so adorable especially that blue stripe shirt snap (third one).

choxbox said...

cute and cute!

artnavy said...

so cute- i missed them at the pizza hut do:-((

Minka said...

Are Ojas and Tejas spitting images of you and your hubby respectively ? Looks like that to me. If so, you are so lucky - no need to argue with him about who looks like who . You have one of each .

I will now go and sulk in a corner

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks all!!

Suki said...

I remember you blogging about this topic before, and I really appreciate your effort to let the twins have their way as much as humanly possible. :)

It's quite funny how similar some things turn out. My boyfriend and I started wearing white bandannas at the same time, we've both switched to ethnic wear(kurtas,jeans) in summer, we carry identical backpacks.. we've been mistaken for siblings sometimes!
My guess is that when two people share a close bond and think in similar ways, some of it is bound to show in their dress sense. With siblings, who share the same parents and same house.. well, we're just looking at identical outfits, aren't we?

Suki said...

I forgot to add - they look insanely cute, especially the grin directed skywards in the first picture, and the identically dressed Big Men :)

Itchingtowrite said...

suki- thanks. u r so very right abt th sibling thinggie

Mama - Mia said...

CUTE!! :) to think l'il mins have so much going on in them and theyw ant same clothes too!! :)

karmickids said...

Adorable, all your three boys.
The brat, unfortunately has a mind of his own and chooses his own clothes.
The husband will run into a shop and buy a new shirt if I happen to be wearing the same colour, he's so paranoid about not being matching matching.
I guess for us, we're one mismatched family.