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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not All Sardarjis are Like Sidhu

I land up Monday night in Delhi and board the cab.
Me-No Radio?
Sardarji driver- Madam I will give you the owner's numbr. You call him and tell him to install the radio.
After some time, I notice the driver working hard on his mobile. I saw his eyes flashing between the road and the mobile to my horror, all this at a speed of say 60-80 on NH 8
Me- what? why are you sms-ing while driving
Sardarji- No madam I am not sms-ing the owner, I am just looking for the number so that you can call him and tell about the radio.
Me- no, I don't want to talk to him and complain.
Sardarji- No madam, if you complain, probably he will install it and I can listen to FM on the long drives.
Next episode-
We entered my aunt's complex and went straight down the lane. I was giving him directions on how to reach the house.
Me- Take the Right
Sardarji stops at the intersection, looks do the right and says- I thought you said right, and went straight and turned left.
Me- Why are you going left, I said right.
Sardarji- that is left, why are you telling right.
Me- That is right, daaya you know.
Sardarji took an about turn and came back on the lane and crossed the intersection again.
Me- arrey, take the left.
Sardarji insisted- but there is no house there.
Me- how do you know? I know I have come here before.
Sardarji- Because it can't be seen from here.
Now what is this logic???? why should the house be seen from this road itself?


~nm said...


Mama - Mia said...


hope you obliged the driver and got him FM radio!! ;)


Cuckoo said...

Ha ha ha! you made my day :)

How do we know said...

Ummm.. i m not sure the ethnicity of the driver caused his behavior.

Sunita said...


VijayGanesh. S said...

what was the spoken language? hindi or english?

Itchingtowrite said...

how do we know- may be but th coincidnce tickled me
vijayganes- hindi
mama mia- no i didn't !!