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Monday, April 14, 2008

Milestone Post- 2 years 5 months

I like the determined expression on their faces. Taken at a time they were struggling to crawl I guess. We just discovered an old mobile phone excuse the poor quality.

1. The tables get turned
Tejas asked me for water and said first hand wash karo. Hands Dirty.
2. Opposite of broken, sleeping, tired, crying, is nice. If I say Mamma tired, they reply no, Mamma nice. If I say Mamma yoi yoi (roi roi- crying), no mamma nice.
3. They are pottying in the Indian toilet. I am waiting for the day they are able to inform they want to poop when we are outside. Thanks to my Mom's patience else we would have been using the baby potty still.

4. So also for their bottle. They drink milk in their glass and I am thankful to rid the bottle.
5. They can peddle the tricycle now, if they wish. Thy find it more convenient and fast to hit the ground with their feet and propel the cycle
6. They can indicate firmly "ho gaya" when they don't want to eat anymore. I have begun to respect their wishes nowadays. They even give their choice and it is usually opposite of what I have for them- will you have dosa? answer- No yoti (roti)
7. They love playing with the pots and sand in the garden.
8. They can carry out an entire conversation giving all details of the past 1 hour or so if one cares to decipher and connect. Example- car, ghummi, jeans, potty, Mamma yoi yoi- he went in the car and shat in the jeans and Mom cried in despair.
9. They insist on Thanda pani only- Last night Tejas asked for water and I requested Ojas to get watr. He asked me white bottle? I said yes. He went to the fridge, got the bottle and a glass for Tejas.
10. They can do the sticker book almost correctly. They also do a jungle scene jigsaw puzzle almost completely.
11. The time has come when they insist on shorts with pockets only. They need to store their cars or intresting bits of paper in them.
12. They went to their first Pizza Hut birthday party. They can explain they went to S's birthday party, ate Pizza and met Anushka- now since they know 2 An(o)ushka's, I am not sure which one they meant because they met neither.


How do we know said...


Kodi's Mom said...

this is such a cute phase, isn't it! and yea, here too, the opposite of all things negative is 'good boy' :)

choxbox said...

very cute.

couldnt help LOLing at #8!

artnavy said...

they are growing up so fast !!

good the bottle has made an exit

Anush was asking as well for ojas tejas and today she was telling my mom that she was "going tata to tejas's bday...":-))

Itchingtowrite said...

all- thanks
k's mom- i am amazed at the level of connect they have. ojas feet got caught in the pajama and I said- phans gaya. now anytime he gets caught like this h says phans gaya.
art- i am glad mine hav finally begun to connect names & people

Mama - Mia said...

:) verry cute snaps!! :)

and a lovely post!! :) loved the bit about getting water for bro! and please tell me also how your mum got em potty trained!! :)



Itchingtowrite said...

mama-mia- coming over to your space to tell u

Usha said...

From looking identical in the crawling stage they seem to have developed so many distinct characteristics - physical and personality wise. interesting.