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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

House Husband

Yesterday K played the role of the househusband. And I give him 90% marks for his performance.
I give him points for
-keeping the house reasonably spotless
-Feeding the kids as directed
-Not having the TV on for a change
-Keeping the kitchen neat
And I give him brownie points for making snacks for me (actually he made it for himself and left some for me, but it was sort of nice to have him waiting for me for a change)
I deduct the 10% for -
-leaving the living room windows open in the evening- enabling some mosquitoes to enter the house.
-leaving the clothes on the line outside
-forgetting to keep the rice and rotis in the fridge
-allowing the kids to sleep without peeing therefore causing them to wet the bed
-allowing the kids for taking soap from the bathroom and spilling on the bed
-leaving the bed dirty and unmade after that
Well you might say atleast he did most of the things right, but my standards are high and since he measured up to them 90%, coming from me, it is a big compliment.
I give him bonus points for reading to the kids -Town Mouse & Country Mouse Sticker Book on Sunday night. This is the kind of moment I like to sit back and observe. I had to stealthily take a snap without waiting for them to pose else the moment would have gone.

We were gifted Storytellers from Bookbox by Hubby's relative S&M. The collection has 5 story books and a VCD with Hindi & English animated stories. The kids have not yet taken active interest in it but I loved the way they have made it. The narration is impeccable in terms of diction, accent, voice modulation and pace and the flow of the story very smooth. Lovely idea.


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Rohini said...

Awesome! But we can never give them 100%, can we? ;)

Itchingtowrite said...

rohini- you bet

Mama - Mia said...

good for you!! :D