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Friday, April 25, 2008

Ethnic Journey of India

Our Global visitors were taken through an ethnic journey of India.
They tasted flavour concepts that supported Indian ethnic ideas. We used terracotta pots/ vessels and beetel leaf plates for replicating the experience. We had posters depicting street food pictures - beverages, baked stuff, sweets, chaats etc.
This together with a sumptous Kabab buffet at Raddisson Kabab factory completed the experience.
We tasted lychee kheer at the Kabab Factory- a must try.

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Something to Say said...

nobody talk of ethnic food - I am dying to eat some chaat and junk food. I bought a pack of Haldirams ready bhel puri - and got a tummy upset - so I'm not even venturing there. Lychee kheer...yumeeeee...
i2w - what will you get by tempting a huge pregnant woman so??