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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Over to Vegetarianism?

A certain person in my house wants to be vegetarian for sometime. That puts my vegetarian cooking skills to test. While the kids and I peck away at our chicken legs, graze at the mutton and angle the fish, he sings praises for vegetarian fare. Be it when he is selecting subway's aaloo or loading his plate at the midnight buffet of Residency Towers. Well, at Rs 300/ person, it's not bad. You get a chicken curry, 1 egg curry (the eggs of which I rescued before they were going to be put into the curry for the kids), a mutton biriyani on non-veg section and a host of vegetarian items.
This weekend has been a test of sorts- I have not made non-veg but just had it outside. I feel sorry for the kids who love their chicken.
Let's see what my veg cooking skills bring out for the next few months.
My comments- you have become really boring- you have become vegetarian

We will be at the Consumer Mindscape on Tuesday in Delhi. Any bloggers coming there? We could do a working blog meet.


Minka said...

oh ! Hubby switching to vegetarianism aaaa? Must be the summer heat !!!

artnavy said...

hey - u are provoking here woman-the point about vegetarianism and boring!!

have fun in delhi!!

Itchingtowrite said...

minka- lets hope he comes to his senses fast
art- u know eating non veg is abt company- if the company cannot enjoy it, half the fun is gone
that's why he is boring for me now