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Friday, April 18, 2008

Coffee Shop Poll

Out of the 13 respondents, most feel the beach is the ideal location.
My take on the problem would be-
A format like a coffee shop or a pub comes with inherent disadvantages
-Timing- get populated only during specific time of the day- afternoons or nights. No amount of happy hours can bring a sea-change in consumer behaviour.
Menu- They don't serve our 3 meals. They serve largely cold beverages. India is a hot beverage nation. We want our tea strong and piping hot. And our coffee bitter and rejuvenating, not laced with plenty of milk and cream.
-Visit occassions- A customer will not make time for coffee & snacks. They would be largely impulse led, or semi-planned impulse built around meetings/ casual dates/ between friends for a relaxing hour. This is not to fill your stomach but to replenish.
So one cannot hope for a constant stream of customers and queues waiting for a seat. One may do the same for a square meal but not for a coffee pub.
On the Locations, th pros & cons would be-
1. Beach- overcrowded in evenings/ nights, empty by the day.
2. Highway- have a franchisee at the location just to cover that stretch but not do obtain revenues. The highway coffee / juice shops are always deserted.
3. Food Court in an IT park- I was surprised that no one selected this. This has a huge captive audience throughout the day, possibility of 24 hours. The guy at Ascendas makes Rs 25k per day profit on coffee. I have seen business meetings happening, guys working on their laptop, additional audience from outside coming down to the food court. Impulse + Planned customers here. The disadvantage is that it is a destination point. You need to go out of your way to reach here. If you have a large group each wanting to eat different stuff you can go to such food courts. But if you want a relaxing coffee, you will not come here, you will go to a stand alone coffee shop
4. Shopping Mall Food Court-All day long crowd. More possibilities of impulse & rejuvenation seeking customers. Tired after shooping all day? No time or patience to eat a full sit-down meal or not yet time for a dinner/ lunch? Coffee would be ideal- quick, on the move, replenishing and a place to rest tired feet.
5. Catchment Point in a Colony- A large possibility of floating populace to drop in. Advantage is that it falls on the way to a destination. One may want to go someplace for a full meal but for coffee, it is ideal if it falls on the way to somewhere or like a shop next door. Disadvantage is that it caters to a small audience. Unless you are lucky to get one in a colony that is a satellite to a larger commercial hangout. May not be ideal for a first store but okay for a branch.

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Sue said...

I'd have voted for the IT park. I see the business they do where I work (in an IT zone).