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Friday, April 25, 2008

30 Questions

Dipali tagged me and so did Lavs with the surety that I am going to respond first. Since it is not my way of not humouring a preggie, I am doing it as quickly as I could.

1. Last movie you saw in a theatre? It was so long ago that I have forgotten. I think it was 300 or Mozhi
2. What book are you reading?Innocent Man by Grisham- ultra boring.
3. Favourite board game?Not been playing them for long but Monopoly it is. Does Kalaidoscope qualify? Or does the kids' jigsaw puzzle inset on a board qualify?
4. Favourite Magazine?Femina...every woman of substance ought to say it. well wait, let's say Filmfare types are read cover to cover - immense potential for passing long hours in boring company- you can pretend to be engrossed in it and not participate in what's going on. You can actually become engrossed in it- femina does not guarantee a good read but a good dekkho only
5. Favourite smells?Food, flowers, perfume, smell of sunlight, grass, first rain
6. Favourite sounds? Kids' voice
7. Worst feeling in the world?Helplessness
8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? Gosh I am late
9. Favourite fast food place? Does Coffee Day qualify? If not Subway
10. Future child's name?May not happen, but let's say- we will do a fantasy - if it's a girl, Asmi, Arushi( I love the meaning- rays of the sun, now I am not sure as my brother told me that the Arushi in her class used to be poor in studies), Ishanvi, Vanshika, Ritika- Combines mine & hubby's name perfectly
11. Finish this statement- "If I had lots of money, I would"buy a grand bunglow with hugest possible rooms and a huge garden)
12. Do you drive fast?Yes. What? 40-60 is not fast? It's top gear c'mmon
13. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?hell no! I hate that types
14. Storms- Cool or scary?Cool yet scary
15. What is your first car? Wagonr
16. Favourite drink?Coffee Frappe & Ice Tea (I don't take hot tea/ coffee at all)
17. Finish this statement- "If I had time, I would" take a break, be with the kids
18. Do you eat stems on Broccoli?Yes
19. If you could dye your hair in any other colour, what would be your choice?Brown, reddish brown, burgundy (because I like the name of the colour, I am sure it will not show on my hair)
20. Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in?Chennai, Pondicherry, Varanasi, Ranchi
21. Favourite sports to watch?KBC, reality shows. What? They don't qualify?
22. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?She has loads and loads of patience & perseverence
23. What's under your bed?A bag of to be discarded clothes, a trunk of to be stiched and not to be worn again clothes, a bag containing change of night clothes & sheets for the susu a 2 bedroom house, you ought to use up every available space, esp the ones that cannot be seen
24. Would you like to be born as yourself again?Yes, just without the fat, little better features, little shapely, with some more money, with more patience.... basically me with some modifications
25. Morning person or night owl?Night OWL, with a morning vision. (I love going out in the day time but hate waking up in the morning, can stay up as late as possible but prefer doing all jobs by daylight- if all this makes sense)
26. Over easy or sunny side up?both sides cooked (i cannot have half done eggs)
27. Favourite place to relax?BED, Sofa, but now I don't have access to the sofa
28. Favourite pie?did not try a great range of them
29. Favourite ice cream flavour?not so fond of icecreams but chocolate is fine
30. Of all the people you have tagged, who is most likely to respond first? not tagging, any one can take it up


Lavs said...

Ready for Panchvi Pass???

Nicely done tag:-0

dipali said...

Good job, Itchy!

Anonymous said...

Mozhi or 300???? Didnt u mention RACE??