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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Things that Make Me Sigh with Pleasure

1. When I see Ojas & Tejas quietly playing or eating something with great pleasure, I just want to hold that moment, cherish it, not even talk lest I break the spell. It is not just simple happiness or glee or joy or even ecstacy, it is a higher level of pleasure, more spiritual maybe, which cannot be shared, cannot be expressed or cannot be spoken off. It needs to be felt. You thank your lucky stars and all the good deeds of your previous births and wonder how you managd recieve such a great gift. You cannot laugh or cry to express the pleasure, you can just sigh quietly and keep everything inside you.

2. A drive at a high speed but leaisurely pace on a traffic-less day. You savour the independence, you feel glad that you have your own set of wheels to ply you around, you relish the feel of the powerful vehicle, you love the smoothness, you enjoy the scenery even if it is just a panorama of other vehicles and passerbyes or open shops, and you are not in a great rush to reach your destination. Sometimes you need to drive to experience the entire bundle of pleasure. It is not just a drive where someone drives you and you enjoy the sceneary. It is the control and the feeling that the pleasure is entirely yours.

3. When I am witnessing someone else enjoying my kids- even if it is my husband. I normally cannot envisage that anyone else can love my kids as much as I can because they came from my tummy not anyon else's. I pull back and observe the scene. I don't participate at such times. I marvel at how somebody can enjoy playing and bonding with someone else's kids. I feel comforted that there are more people to take care of the kids. I am not alone in my love for them. We are linked with one strong emotion directed towards not each other but towards Ojas & Tejas.

4. A perfect meal in a perfect setting. Unhurried, relishing every morsel, stimulating conversation. It could be with anyone, a friend, husband, sister, parents, the kids. It is the experience more than the food. It is about how much we laughed and how much we enjoyed. Makes you wish the food was never over so that we could go on with our chatting and taking in the surroundings.

5. When I finish reading a lovely book. It may not be great from a story point of view, it may not be fast paced or thrilling but just leaves you with a nice/ bitter-sweet sort of feeling- Rebecca did that to me. The story sort of touched me even though it was a sad sort of plot.


Asha said...

The sleeping together pics is too cute.

Kodi's Mom said...

beautiful, senti post! I loved how you phrased points 1 and 3 - how you want to stand apart and watch from a distance without interrupting such moments.

dipali said...

Lovely post and gorgeous pictures!

Itchingtowrite said...

asha/ dipali- thanks
k's mom- even whe i bring a camera to capture it, they get disturbed. so i dare not move when thy r doing something like this

Mama - Mia said...


amen! :)