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Friday, April 04, 2008

Evolving Tastes

1. Dark is the new niche- in chocolates. And I have fallen for it - hook line and sinker- Hershey's Nugget Truffles with Dark truffle filling, Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Mousse, Milka Mousse, Sainsbury dark chocolates with Almonds & Cranberry, cases in point here. So Dark & Bitter is the new me as far as chocolates are concerned.
2. Women's Horlicks- My first thoughts-makes me feel old. I need replenishment as opposed to maintenance. I said it aloud and now I feel, am I wrong in thinking that way? Do I need to get older to need it? Or do I take it now for the much-needed nourishment? How old is old after all to me who wants to stay young at heart all the while? What did you guys think seeing the Women's Horlicks?
3. Coconut Chutney- frankly I always hated it. After pregnancy in 2005 I have started loving it. What is wrong with me?
4. Pooran Poli- As a rule I always hated it. Why do I like it so much now? And the richer the better.
5. From Haldiram Aaloo Bhujiya to Nimbu Masala- my long time love has been replaced- why have they created an artificial demand by not keeping stocks all the time?
6. Centrefilled gums, Chewies and even mints- I am experimenting all the time as a part of my job and enjoying it. For a person who had never tasted centrefilled gums until after I came in this industry, it is a damn big change. Watch out for the fundamint& fundamint saunf fresh by Godffrey Phillips. Interestingly I tasted an amazing piece of mentos gum- full ice from Holland- sold in France- the black pack. One would never guess that the flavour is licorice. It depicts the entire experience of eating saunf (licorice and saunf has commonalities from a flavour point of view) - green, bitter and ends with sweet.


Asha said...

Dark chocolate and pooranpoli - ha, I am just mad about these. I started taking women horlicks this morning. Don't ask me why. I am telling myself that I bought it because I am a nursing mother. But actually I just wanted to taste it. :D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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2 B's mommy said...

I used to hate puran polis too but since I was pregnant the second time, i have started loving it. Infact I never had a sweet tooth, but I have developed a general liking for all sweets now :-)

I love strawberry flavoured ( pink)licorice.

Itchingtowrite said...

2b's mom- which brand is this licorice u r talking off? i must get it and experiment
asha- how did find the taste?

Mama - Mia said...

dark chocolate!! my greatest love and weakness! :)

hubby gets so upset that in a HUGE chocolate shop wherever he travels he has to keep looking for dark chocolate only. i dont even touch likes of dairy mail or 5 star! or even hersheys kisses!! eewwwww!!

i recetly tried some with dark chocolate with spice!! and loved ones with orange and lime too!! yyuummyy!!