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Monday, April 21, 2008

It was all Gurgaon Actually

Just because I landed in Delhi does not mean that I have to visit Delhi.
It was all of Gurgaon barring one meeting where we just barely crossed the border.
A lot of shopping, setting back my credit card by a few thousands, gaining in terms of plenty of gifts for the kids and some for myself from the relatives, a Chinese dinner at Golden Dragon sauced up with on the spot humour and an amazing lunch at Punjabi by Nature comprised my short & sweet trip. Punjabi by Nature typically serves portions not as per a normal Indian appetite. It embodies the largesse of Punjabis- the portions are gigantic. I had a keema naan which actually turned out be more like a keema paratha – a little oily which I could not have fully because of the kabab platter and aampanna I had been freaking on.
They had interesting alcoholic gulabjamuns & ethnic alcoholoic drinks - golgappa/ chaat etc. Wonder how they tasted!
We also visited the Haldiram factory cum outlet in Gurgaon to sort of make the global visitors aware of all Indian cuisine under one roof.
The summer heat prompted me to pick up a lot of whites.
HT had proposed Punjabi by Nature as a must do today. Talk about coincidence.
Posting in the car way back home


~nm said...

Oye!! You came to ok to Gurgaon!! Next time you better let us know!!

And yes..Punjabi By Nature is just awesome!!! You must have their curd mushroom starters (don't remember the name exactly) and they were just awesome! And their mutton seekh kabab are just too yumm!!

Itchingtowrite said...

sure nm next time
i am so busy with my own relatives that v difficult to make timeloved th e mutton seekh too