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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mush Post

I will have to admit that I have become one of the many who admire my husband for his business acumen. I have known it for a while that he was sharp but seeing him in his element at close quarters and mutely participating in the decisions he is taking and strategies he is devising, me, his boss, is forced to grudgingly admire him. I fail to understand where he learnt all this, it was for sure not taught in our MBA school, if it was, what was I doing when they were teaching all this?
So where did he learn it? During his first job? Where he set up a medical transcription unit under the hawk-eye of the European settler? Or in the latter one when he started travelling abroad closing design-software deals with diamond merchants & Prestige brand owners or in the last one where he was the VP Sales and partnered with Government/ Private companies for launching software products/services? I don't know when he imbibed all the learning and don't know how he is managing to multitask in our new company when he cannot do simple tasks like watching TV & keeping an eye on the kids and replying to my query at the same time!
I always thought I was the smarter one because I could multi task, I could read books when he couldn't, I could differentiate brands and odours and tastes and I could get a good bargain or find a better store or write better english but I now set my ego aside and admit that he is the smarter one- street smart and worldly wise.
He has been invited by our MBA school to be a speaker in their STAR panel where they will invite one person each from sports, civil services, media, young entrepreneur field and the likes. He refused but then promised to attend incase they cannot find any other entrepreneur to participate because the school must hear from someone who has achieved to an extent rather than somone who has just started.
Psst...I post this in grudging admiration, knowing that he is never going to read it!


the mad momma said...

i love this post... really.

~nm said...

Aww..what a lovely post! Its oozing with your love for your hubby!

Very sweet!

2 B's mommy said...

Such a lovely post...

artnavy said...

K is really very endearing as well apart from being such an achiever- he wears his success so easily- that i think is wonderful for him and for you
it will also be exemplary for teh kids as they grow up

lest you go green- he would not have been all this without your support in any case:-))

Itchingtowrite said...

MM- thanks!
nm- thanks (blush blush)
2b's mom- thanks!
artnavy- thanks for the good words! hope the kids take after him as far as business acumn is concrned. touch wood. frankly you know when he quit his job each day i was worried for him in the sense did he hav enough meetings & appointments to fuel the business. And if he is too much involvd in the pondicherry unit I panic bcoz i want to divert him to chennai very soon! i get worrid that he will stick it out there for too long

Just Like That said...

awwww. that was a lovely post. I think he can multitask at work, in the secure feeling that you're there to multitask at home and otherwise. :-) But yeah, some of 'em take to what we learnt naturally, while some others have to keep learning...

Itchingtowrite said...

JLT- he calls it focus when I complain abt his apparent loss of listening skills when he is watching TV