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Monday, March 10, 2008

It Helps to be a Minority

  1. When you are the only one who doesn't mind using the Indian loo when everyone else is queued up for the western one.
  2. When you are the only Christian or Muslim who will take an extended RH from work unlike the rest of the Hindus whose mass exodus will cause problems in the working system.
  3. When you are the only adult among many who preferred potato chips over banana chips and you end up having the entire pack to yourself.
  4. When you are th only one who does not go to the conference and end up being among the only few coming to work. Like a holiday at your workplace.


Inder said...

not a pleasant situation (which i face very often) - when you find that you are the only one standing in a bus :(

Itchingtowrite said...

inder- yes true. felt this one badly when i missed my regular school bus and went by another one wherein i was the only one standing. felt like an idiot and as if i hav no friends who wud allow me to sit with them