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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blogging From Mumbai

Waiting at the airport Coffee Day Lounge. Treating myself to a chicken club sandwich and tall glass of frappe. The club sandwich here is a must try- oodles of cheese & mayo with chunks of chicken and absolutely bround bread, generous amount. Half way into it I am already full. I don't think I can do a dessert now.
The day was perfect as of now. Touche'
Watched rerun of airtel darde disco & koffee with karan and a CID episode on Jet.
Had a lovely Mc Meal- the one in which you get 2 toys free.
The presentation went off well without hitches and a lot of praise from the client for the efforts and the good work done- he mentioned it was worth the wait, inspite of us being late with getting all global products. Let's hope it translates to good briefs and business from the client.
A thought- do you think kids sense that the Mom is going on a trip? The little ones jumped on my trying-to- sleep form for almost an hour after the lights were off and woke me thrice for "susu" & "paani" - a record so far. Tejas insisted on sleeping with the handbag I had packed for next day and Ojas insisted on putting the string of a drawstring pouch round his neck while sleeping. Not to forget that each of them were having coins in their hands. I could not take a wink until I had persuaded them to remove them and sleep and until I had removd all coins from their reach. When I woke up at 5 am, I took both of them for toilet visits and inspite of that, half an hour later, Tejas woke up crying 'susi'. Ojas woke up screaming. I had a tough time putting them back to sleep.
Bought an auto & bus toy each and a small basket yesterday for them to carry their wares. They loved both public transports. Infact they slept with them yesterday and I had a tough time pulling out toys from under my bum or back everytime I shifted.
Adding to the height of blog commitment- I was downloading data sitting in client's office right before the meeting. I could not resist checking the blog and very much wanted to do a mini post. Unfortunately the client came and we had to enter for the meeting.
The only blip for the day is that my phone is acting strangely. I can hear people who call but they cannot hear me. So all my planned phone calls to Mumbai friends are gone and I am resorting to blogging.
The client's office had people dressed up in their holi best- lovely ethnic kurta pajamas. Extremely nostalgic moment for me- who hasn't enjoyed a proper Holi for years.
Reminds me of 2005 when Good Friday & holi came back to back. We had discovered the existence of the twins on Good Friday- 25th March when we went for the consultation after doing the home test a week before. The next day was Holi and my apartment friends had forced a treat out of us in our home. We had got takeaways and I had gone to sleep out of legitimate exhaustion before the party was over. The ladies had very sweetly completly cleaned up before leaving!


rayshma said...

heyy... congratulations! :)
and happy holi...! :)

Sukla M C said...

Hey Enjoy ur Holi and GOOD Friday ..
n Cherish uR memories :)

I remember the time in college when we were posing for a snap inside our class along with our college watchman (who was topless) .. and IN walks our PLACENENT Officer & our Administrative Officers ... LoL

PS: we got our Holi Holiday, Only thing was that it was labeled SUSPENDED for a DAY

Itchingtowrite said...

sukla- lol that must hav been fun