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Friday, March 07, 2008

Learning Sessions

1. Ojas pointing out parts of the body...
Mausi- What is this?
Ojas- Hands
Mausi- What is this?
Ojas- eyes
Mausi- What is this (pointing to the leg)
Ojas- Ummmm.... Pajama!

2. The kids teasing mausi-
Mosquito, Mosquito, Mausi-quito...

3. Learning Names
I went about teaching the kids names of all of us. They ask Nani's name?
I say- Nalini
Ojas obviously thought I am playing with the word "Nani"
He says- Nani la la la (not Nani), Nani name, name. As if I am on dumb idiot who could not understand what name implies

4. Tejas- Mamma, phone
Me- No, Take Daddy's phone
Tejas- No, Dadda pitti (Daddy will beat)
My phone is what? junk, and dad's phone is maha- precious!!

5. They reverse their tricycle making the warning beeping which a car gives in reverse gear

6. If one of them has taken something that the other wants, instead of fighting for it, they just touch it or grab some air from that direction along with chak chak sound and keep it with them. If we pretend we have eaten their ears or bum they put their finger in our mouth, take it back and stick the bum or ear back in place (along with chak chak sounds).

7. Their high chairs and tricycles are good for climbing and picking things from top or switching fan/ lights. If they want to protect their toys, they climb up and put them in the top shelves. Tejas leaves a warning to us-No touch, ok, Eshu's


Rohini said...

Hilarious. Especially loved the pajamas and chaka chak bits :)

Lavs said...

ha ha ha ha ha..they are so innovative.

Purnima - The Pensive Ponderer said...

aaawwwww.... they are just soooooo sweeeeeet!!! Pajama answer was just too cute... Awaiting more of adventures... plz encourage them to do so (wink)(wink)

Lavs said...


2 B's mommy said...

'pajama' was hilarious and so was 'Mausi-quito' !

The Inscrutable Priyam said...

d first time i actually came acros ur blog... really interestin... ur babiers r d cutest!!!!!!!!! also was goin thru ur blogs on delivery n stuf... really good...

The E HomeMaker said...

i love to read your kids conversations. really funny!

Itchingtowrite said...

hi all- thanks!!!
priyam- welcome aboard!

Banno said...

:):)always fun to read kiddie stories, specially when they are this age.

Itchingtowrite said...

banno- thanks