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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Tag Done- The Game of 5

These tags are a good way to keep the blog alive when you are swamped with work.
An important presentation to do, agreed for Monday deadline to bail out the Sardarji Account Manager who conveniently forgot to fix up a date with the client in advance and we have to do a rush job. He tried hard to pin down the blame on me but unfortunately could not succeed in his gundagardi. And we managed to find out that he was trying to shunt me out of the meeting by portraying that I am "coordinating for samples" and not doing the whole damn presentation. He infact never told the client that I am travelling to Mumbai just for the presentation. He took Monday appointment from the client and has told me the meeting is on Friday itself. The idea is I travel on Friday, the meeting does not happen and he keeps the samples and the presntation and does it by himself on Monday. Smart! We pulled some strings here and things are smooth as of now.
and now for the tag...
From Bangalore Mom, Timepass, Art Navy & Cuckoo
The rules of the tag are- 'Link 5 different posts of yours. Tag 5 other people to do it. The 5 posts should be about Family, Friends, Yourself, your love and anything you like!!
Family- Parents/ Grandparents
Friends-or lack of many of them- difficult to locate a good post on friends, so I better do it soon Yourself- Working Mom
Your Love- engagement story
Anything Else-Factual Fiction
I am not tagging anyone because probably everyone I know have already done it. So any one who hasn't done it yet please take it up and link me to it as the tagger!


Aaarti said...


Came upon your blog while randomly surfing the net.. cool stuff u write here~`

wow,twins.. nice..
btw,am from chennai too..

Itchingtowrite said...

aaarti- welcome aboard
we shud get to know each other better

Minka said...

Hope you did a kickass job of the presentation and left the loser sore !!!

Itchingtowrite said...

minka- hope so too. doing it on monday