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Monday, March 17, 2008

Don Pepe on Saturday

Mexican outfit at Cathedral Road, right above Hot Breads. Housed in Copper Chimmney & Zaras building.
Semi casual ambience. Like a cross between a Cascade and Pizza Hut. A stained glass window on the floor gives a view of Hot breads below.
We tried 5 diffrent steaks- served with either pasta & bread or Mexican rice.
At about Rs 250 average, each stake is good enough for 1 plus persons.
Plenty of chicken on each plate, little rice/ pasta and potato fries/ 2 slices garlic bread.
The apple pie is a must have. So also brownie with icecream. The desserts were a little over priced though. Dinner for 5 plus 2 kids worked out for Rs 1800/-
We ordered chicken wings and Eshan ordered a 2nd plate as soon as it was over.
They got their individual plastic mugs to sip water.


Banno said...

Not fair. This makes me ravenous.

Pooh! said...

I was at this Don pepe place a couple of years ago.I was surprised by the choice of Tex-Mex favorites I usually devour in Houston.The Madras I had left behind was about Karpagam mess and Saravana Bhavan. From the margaritas to nachos... yummy!

Jayashree said...

Am not a big fan of the place..I went there once and haven't gone back since....they had oodles of cheese on pretty much everything that I ordered.

Notebooks said...

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Itchingtowrite said...

banno- join me
pooh- u 'll b surprized at the jayashree- i don't mind the cheese. but yeah the chicken wings cud hav been better

karmickids said...

Considering I have eaten awful dal chawal cabbage for lunch, I am now drooling all over the laptop...

Itchingtowrite said...

kiran- wipe it off. do a good dinner