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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Must Have Chocolates

Experiential, Delicious Chocolates with a Surprise...
The course of my job takes me to a chocolate expedition. Rather brings the expedition to my desk.
Lindt Peperoncino- Chocolates with a mild pungency of pepper in the throat. Careful before you pop the entire square in. Gives a slow but sure burn.
Lily O Briens Desserts- Bite size Chocolate cupswith dessert experience. A must have and don't even think of sharing. Lemon Sorbet is the surprise, I have never seen anothr lemon that blends so well with chocolate.
Sainsbury's Whole Cherry Chocolate Liqueurs- Dark chocolate filled with cherries & brandy. A melt in the mouth experience leaving a burning sensation in the throat. 1 piece and no more for me. But for somone who is used to hard drinks is lured into my room to badger me for more.
Vosges Chocolate- Exotic ingredients, lovely pack and raises chocolate eating to an- awakeing all 5 senses experience
Gulliver Coffee Beans- Roasted coffee beans coated with chocolate. Available in India- Nuts n Spices, Fresh @ stores. They have done a fin job of bring down the bitterness of the beans
Richfield Kiwi chocolate bar- Pieces of kiwi hidden withing a slab of chocolate. I loved it. Much better than the Cadbury's Black Forest which is more of cherry and cookies embedded in chocolate.
Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Mousse- A little too bitter for my taste but that did not stop me from eating.
I haven't opened the rest of the packs to comment! More will come when I taste them


~nm said...

Oye! You got so many chocolates??? Send some over..

jeez..I so want to eat a chocolate after reading this post of where do I go to find a chocolate shop here? Bwaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! :((((((((

Minka said...

Your job involves chocolates ?!! Arggggghhhh !! Where was I when this was adverstised ? I demand a quota for myself . I am just hopping mad .

BTW , how did your Mumbai presentation go ?

Minka said...

BTW, nothing beat Godiva truffles in my opinion. And I absolutely hate the belgian chocolates Guylian - I don't know why ? There's some taste of butter or oil that doesn't quite go with the chocolate.

Itchingtowrite said...

nm- come over.
minka- u too, u cud still apply for job here!
and I am answering your question in a post

Itchingtowrite said...

i lov godiva too and also hershey
have u tried lindt truffles..mmm liquid gold.... molten chocs. i once left on in the car and it vanished when i came back. just an empty wrapper and all the chocolate leaked off. so fine these swiss chocs

Usha said...

And you had to do this just when I am 12 kg over weight and need to lose - but would a few more kgs matter. I can lose them all together later what say?

Anonymous said...

you lucky girl! You get to eat choclates all in the guise of what...testing them out for clients? Now thats what I call a 'real' job:-)


Itchingtowrite said...

usha- u cud always tak a chocolate brak and diet later
deepa- u bet