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Monday, March 24, 2008

Snatches of Conversations

Isn't it like the Lilypie pic
Dadda- Tejas, Dadda massage
Tejas- No, Eshu tired!
Me- Eshu give me kissie
Tejas obliges.
Me- Eshu, one last kissie
Tejas- No, last kissie no! No kissie
As we were walking into food court of Ascendas building, I tell Ojas- Wipie. (meaning wipe your feet). I wiped my feet to demonstrate
Ojas did not notice me wiping my feet and he simply wiped his hands on my kurta in response.
Tejas - Mausi paani, Mausi hand wash, Mausi bathroom etc....
Mausi- Ask your Mamma
Tejas- No, Mamma tired.
We went to Coffee Day last evening. We ordered a strawberry frappe for the kids and Hubby ordered a green apple soda. Tejas tried attacking the green apple and hubby told him, no baby juice is coming. Undeterred, Tejas finished up the green apple and once done exclaimed- Now, baby juice ok!
Nani- Ojas give kissie
Ojas- No, kissie Evening
Whenever Ojas refuses food, I tell him "Mamma Going" and pretend to walk out of the house. Initially he used to get scared and start eating obediently
Nowdays the moment I get thir food Ojas says- Mamma going?
Or if Tejas does not eat, Ojas says- Eshu, eat, Mamma going!
I ask Ojas, Some more duddu?
Ojas- No, enough!
Ojas goes to the dustbin and peels a banana. He throws one section of the peel in the dustbin and says- wait! some more!
Tejas loves doing double riding on Ojas' cycle.
He was begging Ojas for "double" and Ojas was giving him the royal ignore. After much persuading, he relented saying- ok, only one
After one round, he shoved him off the cycle.
I was going to the bathroom
Ojas asked- mamma going?
I said- yes
Ojas- Bye (he knew I will be gone for a while I guess!) , then for good measure he added- chip, chocate (get chips & chocolate- something he tells us everytime we go out)
Tejas pretends to switch off the light switch on his book.
And then says- Sleep


~nm said...

Oh yes! Jut like the lilypie pic!

And I just cracked at the banana peel and dustbin conversation...that surely is so cute and hilarious!!

Itchingtowrite said...

nm- they pick up every word I say..ok, sommore, enough, sleep,

Timepass said...

LOL..So he wants chip and choc everytime u go out..does he get satisfied with just chip chocs??