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Friday, March 14, 2008

Work Politics

What would you do if you come to know from the client that your meeting has been postponed, I hope your Account Manager has informed you? First you try to brush it aside saying he must be busy, he will call me. Then the client makes it a point to tell you that I informed him 3 hours ago. You can't fool a client who worked in your company with the same Account Manager a few years back. So now, the internal politics are out in the open.
Time for ITW to stand up and raise her voice. She calls up the bosses and updates them. She is asked to take the account manager's pants off in a conference meeting with the Sales head and entire Marketing team.
He has done this before. He pushed me to get samples from abroad last year. He fudged dates- altered his previous mail in a new forwarded mail and thankfully I had the good sense to check the original and report to the boss. He never presented the cracker samples to the client and told me that he wanted to give it due importance. I will present it separately. I am still waiting for the presentation to happen.
He did it again. He never informed the client that a team from Head office is travelling for this meeting. He infact mentioned that ITW is coordinating for samples, not making the concept presentation. He wanted me to leave behind extra set of samples to show to another client. I refused to let him peddle it anywhere until I make the presentation fit for the new client.
Is it not urgent & important to inform me that the meeting is postponed, right away? More so because I am booking tickets and hotel too. He also asked me if I have grabbed portions from a Global presentation? WTF? Does he think I am like him? He infact presented a complete presentation from his previous company to our clients! Without bothering to remove the logo! Cheat, but cheat intelligently.
We had a session with him this morning to sort out issues. He said that he forgot to raise the project in the intranet for the creative to take charge, I could have called him to remind him. He asked me why I didn't update him on the status at various stages. I told him I forgot, but you could have reminded me, I am just a phone call away. Aren't we quits! This time I played the game by his rules. Never call him, never update him until he asks for it. He never fixed the meeting date until I called him and reminded him. And since his Global boss was coming, he decided to prove a point to him and rush me on my presentation and do it before he arrives, to look good in front of his boss.
I told my boss clearly, if he would have taken me into confidence and asked me to bail him out on this one, I would have gladly obliged. Instead he tried to push me to the corner, shifted the blame on me and never kept me in the know. Then I pay him back in his coin.
Afterall I am a Leo, I have to live up to a reputation. And I am taking lessons from my Scorpio sons to pay him tit for tat.


~nm said...

Jeez..that guy is such an asshole!! (Sorry for using such words but this time I just couldn't resist and I hope blogger also doesn't remove it :P)

A pat on your back for showing him his face in the mirror! But I wonder if he will learn looking at his part history when he keeps repeating it!

Thinking aloud said...

that's such mean guy!!!

keep fighting gurl, and don't give up...

How do we know said...

this is one of those rare catharsis posts.

Itchingtowrite said...

nm- som poeple never learn, they just direct it on some othr unsuspecting soul
thinking aloud- u bet
how do we- it did the job of making me feel bettr

Lavs said...

You are just the person to answer my doubt. Can you please hop over to my space and let me know your thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Shobana said...

Cheap bum....such lazy people should be demoted right away to be taught a lesson.

Itchingtowrite said...

lavs- here i come (u cud hav always called me!!)
shobana - how I wish (actually the entire chennai team wishes that)

Sue said...

You get him, Itchy!

Itchingtowrite said...

sue- array we r friends again..after all that. he is being polite and i can't help but reciprocating

Just Like That said...

Attagirl! I loved that last line about the Scorpios and the Leo:-D