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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am the Boss

We moved to Hubby's new office in Pondicherry on 20th Jan. Details and pics will come later. This post exclusively places on record the sweetest thing that hubby could tell me, ever.
I was drafting the press release of the inaugaration in hubby's office. He asked me to move over and occupy his chair for typing the press release so that the visitors could sit on the chairs opposite and he could carry on the conversation with them.
I hesitated saying that it is his chair and he should be occupying it. Very sweetly he claimed in front of his visitors and friends- But you are my boss, you sit there.
Well, now, Hubby dear, you have said that and there were a few witnesses. By posting about it, I have on my side, the blogworld as witnesses too.
I solemnly swear that I will henceforth continue my best to live up to being your boss K- controlling, domineering and bossing over you.
And you have only yourself to blame for it.


~nm said...

That was so nice of him.

But yeah probably he doesn't know what he has gotten himself into by saying this aloud :) *wink*

Shilpa said...

the honour being placed in your palms and that too without being asked.

go for it girl ;-)

kodi's mom said...

:) guess he walked into that one! and you're not one to miss chances are you?!

btw, sent you an email last wk abt the meet - didn't get it?

rayshma said...

LOL! when my hubby makes such proclamations, i attribute it to his 'foot-in-d-mouth' syndrome!
but yes, i'm here as a witness, whenever u need one! :D

Sush said...

me a witness too.. and here is the comment proof to it.. remember this one i saw on my teacher's desk.. i am the boss of my house and i have my wife's permission to say so :).. and it was so sweet of him to say that.. :)

Lavs said...

Hi BOSS!!:-)

Timepass said...

Hail the Boss.. U seem to be among the lucky few to be called as Boss by your husband. Enjoy...