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Friday, January 18, 2008

Mom's Holiday

We were in Pondy during the Pongal weekend.
Hubby is moving to the new office this Sunday and we will be back in Pondy this tonight / tomorrow.
The maid is on a week long leave.
Logistically and logically it is better to leave the kids in Pondy, is it not?
So that is exactly what I did and I am home alone since Wednesday morning.
Day 1 was spent in stores and Cascade chinese restaurant with sis.
Day 2 was delayed at office.
Day 3 Hubby would be back to do some artifact shopping for the new office and we will get back together to Pondy.
The break has been good.
The kids have been missed terribly but not so bad. Did not have the time to dwell over the fact that I am missing them. Dreamt about them a lot both nights.
Finished watching Om Shanti Om in 2 sittings.
Stayed at sis' place.
Did not cook at all.

Ojas had developed an itchy rash in Pondy- 2 doses of Atarax syrup did the trick.
Tejas' recuring diarreah problem has been investigated via urine/ stool report- Ecoli colonies in large numbers, seemingly resistant to around 15 drugs have been found.
The doc has put him on a course of Phexin for 20 days to finish them.
Learnt today that Metrogyl sysrup is given to cure anaerobic dysentry caused by amoebic infection and The phexins/ cephaloxins/ ampicillins are for diarrhea caused by bacterial infection. Diagnosed by clinical conditions so my self medication may not always work!


GettingThereNow said...

Enjoy your holiday mom! And I hope Tejas gets better fast!

Self medication? A BIG no-no. Specially where kids are concerned. Waiting it out or hauling them to the doctor's are better options.

2B's mommy said...

agree with GTN regarding self medication. Looks like you are making the best of your holiday! We moms will always miss the kids but its good to have a break once in a while :-)

Shilpa said...

hey, u got a nice blog.
I'd suggest you add a guestbook on your page

The E HomeMaker said...

cute pic of your sons. twins??
why dont you try homeopathy? its the best for ppl of every age... with NO side effects. works for our whole family... especially our daughter... she is one and half yrs old.
hope he gets well soon..

Usha said...

Oh poor T, get well soon baby!