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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008

We were in Pondicherry the entire extended weekend. 31st was an eventful day with the kids enjoying themselves messing around in the sand while we parents sneaked away to the office. We had a fun time designing the theme of the new office we are planning to shift to. More on it when it materializes by mid month.

We had grand plans to have a dinner for two in a good hotel and then join the office party that the team had thrown. But all went for a toss when MIL prepared some very good chicken and fish. Along with her crisp, calorific dosas, the food is a wow. We did not have the heart to jostle in the crowd and get lousy food served in return coupled with the guilt of leaving the kids behind. So we, kids and the in-laws went for a round in the town, sampled a few cakes and shakes and came back to the office where the team was waiting for us to begin the celebrations.

The girls danced to various songs and we were requested to judge. For the first time in my life (apart from my wedding day) I had to act he part of a demure lady. I was role playing the CEO's wife, the tough owner, I was not playing my 30 something but was acting atleast 40, no sudden outbreaking into claps and funny dance postures, no pulling hubby to join the fun and no loud noises. Only bringing down the guard for my kids. Another kind of crowd, I could have done it but not this one.

The future/ actual owners- Ojas & Tejas cut the cake and before anyone could, Ojas helped himself to a large piece of cake and offered the rest to me.

I wanted to have a chance to say- everyone did well, but there can be only one winner but unfortunately the kids were in no mood to stay and I had to get back home to a lovely dinner.
Finished the new year day with a fantastic meal at sis' place in Chennai

The only black spot in the weekend was a drunk boy kicking our car on the passenger door and creating a big dent as a result. The local goonda traced him and he and his father created a crying scene in the office. He is a barber by profession and ironically, he was studying hard so that he could join my husband's company just like some of the boys in his neighbourhood!

Pics from the festivities taken on a mobile phone

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