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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Photo Feature- Winter Collection

I love winter wear. The cozy looking cardigans, smart pullovers, Hip stoles & shawls and important looking coats. And when you have an ardent knitter mom at home, the possibilities are endless- embroideries, cables, patterns, styles, buttons, colours & colour combinations all churned out at great speed by hand or machine. This winter, the visit at Patna resulted my kids wearing sweaters for the 2nd time - the first time being when they were born and Chennai had heavy rains and cold breeze.

Tejas in black skivy, Ojas has a matching one- They considered themselves looking very smart in it and refused to remove them. Bought in Patna
Tejas in red pullover gifted by Choti-Mami-Nani, the white sticker was pulled off without remorse by Ojas from his blue pullover

Ojas in Mamu's Fur coat (long ago purchased in a Delhi winter), and cap gifted by Dad's grand aunt (ex-London)

Sweaters gifted by Mom's aunt when they were 6 months old

Tejas in Mausi's Coat

Tejas looking hip in black sleeveless sweater (jacket style) knitted by Nani- The front and back has the theme of traffic light, cars, traffic signs from my Mom's embroidery book atleast 35 years old (ex-London)

Ojas in matching black sweater- the car pattern is visible- it is knitted into the sweater substituting black wool for red, not embroidered separately
Ojas in Mamu's sweater. This one had matching pajamas and he looked like an absolute doll

Tejas in Mamma's coat & pajama set (ex- Scotland)

Ojas in a pullover gifted by Choti Mami- Nani- the sticker was pulled off

Tejas in Mamu's Coat fashioned out of Nana's T-shirt (ex- London)

Flashback Collection- 2 Days old- in the hospital

Red & Grey sweaters knitted by Nani, with cap & socks


Timepass said...

Cute pics especially the last one.

The E HomeMaker said...

loved all the pics

Sree said...

cute babies in lovely wollens :)

rayshma said...

they look so adorable!!! :)

Orchid said...

i admire your enthusiasm, I get tired layering just one child in all those winter wooolies, but to do the same with two and to take pictures and then write about it..some energy, there!

but the boys look cute and so grown up too!

Minka said...

oooh !! I am such a sucker for winters. Too bad I am stuck in Chennai. I remember the rains you are talking about. Because I gleefully stayed at home with my then 6 month old son and happily changed him every few hours into warm clothes that would never ever be worn again.

Usha said...

Very cute and very smart too! hey, I identified them without a single exception - I think I am ready to meet them now. hehehe

Suki said...

They are SMART! I love the jacket-style knitted sweater, and Ojas looks adorable in his matching sweater and pyjamas :)

karmickids said...

The last one was abs adorable. Just tooooooooo cute.