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Monday, January 28, 2008

Email Goof Ups

Some gems I have encountered...

We will replace the vacancy caused by the creation of Sivakumar
He meant resignation not creation

We will submit colourless juice samples of suggestive flavours
He meant we will add our suggested flavours to juice samples but not add any colours to them
Dear VI
Please collect my tickets from N and bring it to the airport with you.
He meant Dear AD. VI was his boss and N was VI's secretary
PS: in the era of job rotation anything is possible.

From a resume
Won many prices in competitions (this was repeated across the resume)
She meant prizes

All this is regarding....
He meant Hi All, This is regarding....(this was repeated in all his mails for many years until someone had the goodwill of correcting him)

Since you are a person I trust, I wanted to invite you to join my network on LinkedIn. I'm using it to discover inside connections I didn't know I had. It's interesting to see the level of access you can have with only a few people in your network.
Sounds very underhand!! inside connections...


rayshma said...

i got a mail telling me to "check P's backside drawers for the proposal." LOL! she meant that the proposal was kept in the drawer behind P's workplace :D
and heyy... the linkedin one... that's their standard mesg, rite!? LOL! :D

Lavs said...

“Inside connections”-ha ha ha