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Friday, January 25, 2008

Little Doses of Pleasure

Taking a cue from Eve's Post, listing out the small things in life that give big joy...

1. Writing a well drafted article or a well created (client) presentation
2. A nice long chat with a friend - the one in which you bitch a lot and talk of all things under the sun
3. Shopping a good bargain.
4. A page turner novel- the one which you want to reach the last page as soon as possible out of curiosity but feel sorry when it is over.
5. Coming home from work planning what to cook and the hubby suggests an impromptu dinner outside or discovering that dinner is already cooked by a houseguest.
6. Satiating food cravings during pregnancy
7. The royal treatment during pregnancy
8. Being able to eat without guilt
9. Singing out loud along with the radio/ cd player and getting the tune and wordings right.
10. Hindi songs on the radio (Bummer being in Chennai)
11. Going out for a drive in the afternoon and coming home while the night is still young...not too tired to want to sleep... but being able to catch up on a movie after putting the kids to sleep.
12. Being able to stay outdoors without worrying about getting home on time.
13. Cleaning the cupboard
14. Lunch at a not so full restaurant, walking out in the afternoon sun, slightly sleepy, slightly languid, and someone to drive you back home while you idly watch outside
15. Bunking work and meeting hubby for a movie/ snack
16. Someone you know drops in at your workplace giving you a breather from work.
17. Dancing with friends - especially matching steps ..we used to do this in my previous office. Wherever we were, we could form an individual group dancing with the same coordinated steps, much to the amazement of the rest of the crowd.
18. Chatting up in Hindi, being able to negotiate in Hindi with shop/ auto wallahs (bummer chennai again)
19. Reading in the winter morning sun in the garden and dozing off
20. Learning a poem by heart with all expressions (at school)
21. Being the first in the group to watch a particular movie or read a particular book or discover a newly launched food item/ newly opened restaurant/ store.
22. A new flower in your plant or a plucking a new fruit from your garden
23. Picking potatoes from the kitchen garden- feels like you have unearthed some buried treasure.
24. Getting a call from the ex-boss- just to wish you for new year.
25. Gifting something to someone and the person loving the gift instantly
26. For once, looking good in a photograph- something that you wish to pass around for everyone to see.
27. Buying a new attire and then immediately getting a chance to dress up for a party
28. Making a feel good list like this
29. Making any list/ things to do and striking off each item as you complete it
30. Channel surfing and chancing upon a good program
31. Being able to find time on official trip for shopping or catching up with an old friend.
32. Driving on a tree lined road.
33. Going to a blog and discovering that (s)he has linked you up. Not to mention, getting comments on your posts.


Li'l Lite said...

thats a wonderful list :)

Hip Grandma said...

you are tagged.please take it up.

rayshma said...

how kewl! i'm gonna pick this tag, if u don't mind :)

Thinking aloud said...

hey lovely list...and so many of them...!!!

Lavs said...

For hindi songs on radio-buy Worldspace. I bought it only for its bollywood channel and old hindi songs channel. My friend once remarked that mine would be the only house in Chennai which plays 24 hours hindi film songs.