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Friday, January 04, 2008

Dizzy Heights

Height of blame game- Ojas doing potty on the floor and blaming that "Dadda' did it or the soft toy dog did it

Height of pretense- my brother kissed Tejas and he complained- chot (bruise)

Height of acting- They call a small rectangular piece of toy as soap, rub it all over the body and then over the eyes and say "eeyaah" and shut their eyes tight as if soap has gone into their eyes

Height of copying- Ojas picks up the mobile and says "what" exactly as I do when hubby calls and then passes the phone to Tejas saying Dadda

Height of dismay- when the doorbell rings they say Dadda and if he is not there, they cry and search for him beyond the door

Height of disgust- When one shits the other bends low over it, smells it and says Hey God, Smell and pinches his nose.

Height of creativity- the only object they want me to mould out of the play doh is potato.

Height of self- reliance- they take mini cooked rotis from me, roll them on their miniature chakla with their miniature belan and then eat them

Height of rationing- if one has 2 toys of the same kind, the other tells him very strictly only one

Height of predicting the predictable- I take their book at bedtime and open a page, both say unanimously- "show me car" in uncanny imitation of mine

Height of correlation- my sister came home, they immediately informed her-Mamu and pointed inside the room. Conversely, when they are looking for my sister, they ask my brother- Mausi?

Height of patronising- they teach my brother the names of all the vehicles on the road as if he is the only one in the group who is ignorant


Hip Grandma said...

I read a number of your posts at a stretch but dizzy heights was the best.I hope ojas and tejas scale new heights in 2008.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

very nicely expressed..New year fun is prolonging in the Dizzy heights I and tejas are keeping you totally occupied I guess

Itchingtowrite said...

hip gmom/ compassion- thanks !!