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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am Sick of the Loosies

Tejas is again down with diarrhea. The 4th round in a span of a month. He doesn't seem to b getting rid of this cycle of vomiting and loose motions. His regular doctor is out of town. We went to a new one who has prescribed only g-norm and ascezin. This doc believes in as less antibiotic as possible. So no metrogyl or phexin or monocef this time. I don't want to subject him to antibiotics anyway. A series of homeopathic is being administered- Aloe s, Apis, Chamomile, Carbo veg, nux, Podophyllum...hoping atleast one of them will hit home....Doc says no sugar no honey milk offcourse
He is bored of the bland stuff he is getting to eat and is crying for roti/ veggies/ chips..anything. Poor boy...
Ojas is also deprived of them all so that Tejas doesn't ask for it seeing him eating it.
I took 2 days off to tend him as I have no baby maid since last month. He is still passing loose stools and I am trying to reach the doctor who is sure to brush aside my concern saying that unless he does it every 5 minutes, there is nothing to worry. Yes, tell that to a mother or someone who has to clean up everytime it happens- Sofa, bed, cycle, chair, floor...

Despite this off-schedule holiday, I am waiting ofr the Pongal 4-day break...the only black spot being that the maid will take a long 5-day off and there are no substitutes in sight. I have also indicated to the boss that I may have to take a few days leave apart from the 4 day break since the maid has to go on her holiday! Or may be I will go off to Pondy where atleast the office cleanign ladies can come and help us.

Ojas wakes up in the morning scratching the palm of his hands and soles of his feet. Sometimes it happens while sleeping also. Wonder whether he has suddenly developed some allergic reaction to something?

The Pulse Polio volunteers came to administer in our building. I had to remind them off course that I had registered our building a year back. Somehow the drive here is not so intense maybe because Chennai is a low incidence zone?? In Patna I was asked at the railway station, exhibition, market and home by volunteers whether I had participated. I am guilty of lying as I was not sure whether the drops were authentic or not. I ought to have done it as I was there in the city but I did not. So does it make me a UK-Born-Bihari-Brought-Up Confused Chennaite?


DotMom said...

so sorry to hear about tejas! hope he gets better soon. have you tried Arsenic 30 or 200? I always give it to Chip when he has violent bouts of diarroeha and or vomiting. One dose stops it!

Itchingtowrite said...

dotmom- thanks for the suggestion.. i was always wary of arsenic ..heard that someone had harmful side effects after an overdose.. anyway i never read up the indications for arsenic. let me anyway try it out next time