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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Waiting Wave

A Waiting Wave is a story that can be representative of the life of any one of us. In spirit one can identify with the key message for the readers. It teaches us to have realistic expectations in any relationship. It tells us that life is unpredictable and therefore one has to choose one’s battles rather than get bogged down and affected with small issues of our life. For, in the face of a larger tragedy, our problems seem to be too irrelevant, shallow and even silly.

Harry falls in love with the beautiful and self assured Kareena, his colleague. Once the first flush of married life begins to fade, the two begin to examine their expectations with their partner. Harry expected Kareena to cater to all his needs once the two would get back to office while Kareena expected Harry to contribute in the chores. Soon this became a point of discontent between both. The last straw for Harry was when Kareena got promoted and Harry did not.

To give himself time and also get away from Kareena, Harry left to Port Blair to spend some time with his father. One that fateful day, he took a boat in a desperate attempt to take himself away from the world.

That was the day the tsunami hit Port Blair, carrying Harry away to a far off island inhabited by the ferocious and hostile Sentinelese tribe. He manages to escape them and reaches the land of the helpful Onges who help him to reach a boat to the mainland.
The boat gets grounded and in a rush to reach land, Harry swims across only to be driven back to the boat under scary circumstances.

Meanwhile, Kareena, repenting greatly for quarreling with Harry, arrives at Port Blair to search for Harry.

During these tough times, both realize that their silly quarrels are way too ordinary and reconcile their differences.

I loved the ending. It is a fitting finale to this drama, in a true filmy style.

The author not only manages to entertain us with a story but also manages to educate us about the rich history and interesting tidbits about the tribals.

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