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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What Did I Ever See in Him

Being part of Metro Reads, I assumed this would be a witty story about a girl exasperated with her husband and is trying to re-examine how she ends up marrying him.
If you, like me are hoping for something like that, then this is not the book for you.
This book is more written for the ladies as a modern woman's guide to a perfect love life but I would say men will benefit far more than women because this will perhaps give a perspective on what women are thinking.
Amrita Sharma covers various scenarios -
-the man is not ready for marriage but you are
-is this Mr Right? Are you with him because it feels good or is it just a badge value?
- Letting go of a relationship
-the slow down or disappearance of romance with time
- Partners keeping close tabs on emails/ sms and thereby no space or privacy for the individuals
- Growing up in a relationship- can one expect the same behaviour when the boyfriend becomes a spouse of many years? How does one mature in a relationship with time?
- Extra marital affairs
- Problems of differing work hours
-Those little issues that blow our of proportion
-Do you connect with the spouse beyond the bed- a discussion on emotional connect and beyond

The book ends with a set of quiz questions to answer and assess

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