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Friday, August 19, 2011


This is a story of a village told in a folk tale fashion.
A series of slice of life happenings that take place in a sleepy autonomous village of Gopallapuram are merged into a larger tapestry of story to form an interesting quick read.
This slim book of 100 plus pages cover the story of Kottaiars who migrated from Andhra to Tamil Nadu to escape the Muslim rule and moreover save their girl from getting married into their family.
The entire community escapes to a far off land and creates their new village in the middle of a forest after burning a large patch of forest for themselves- Pandava style!
They created meals out of forest waste- from both animal, insect and plant kingdom.
They create their own rules and make a life for themselves.
The story is peppered with smaller folk tales told by one character to the rest and is filled with practical jokes and incidents both sad and humorous.

One can sense the flavour of the Tamil – Telegu culture through out the story.

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