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Monday, August 22, 2011

Independence Day Celebrations

As usual, we organised a host of events in the building complex to celebrate Independence Day. The challenge for us was to again get a totally new set of events for across age groups.

Painting/ Sudoko for kids Cycling race for tiny tots- Since Ojas. Tejas' cycles were out of order they had to use borrowed stuff. Tejas managed with someone's cycle without 1 balancing wheel and got a prize also.

Filling bottle with water. Ofcourse Ojas & Tejas got prizes as they are thorough with this activity in their daily life

potato gathering race.

Biscuit eating race- this is one race which Tejas walked out. Ojas had a tough time because he is such a slow eater. Yet he managed to get a prize

For older kids we had a series of events like- arranging newspapers in order, making a paper boat, solving a jumble and blowing balloons. Balancing paper cups filled with water on the palms and on the head for the final round

Leading a blindfolded partner to a certain object without touching

rangoli competition

For adults we had challenging events like memory contest- display objects and then after 20 minutes they have to recall and write what they saw. Series of questions to be answered like- telling teh colors of the rainbow in 2 languages, name 7 brands/ flavours etc, name 7 residents with their flat numbers- basically 7 was the number because the building completes 7 years.

team events like- making a paper cup tower

Sari folding for men

Gift wrapping a book with 1 hand of self and 1 hand of partner

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