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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Boss is NOT Your Friend

If you are looking at a totally balanced tips and approach to working and succeeding in an organization, then this is not the book for you. It is filled with satiric situations and there are no grey areas. The boss is bad. The HR guys are oily and oilier and even more oily. The external consultants exist to make money and above all, there is no such thing as wealth creation for the employees.

No employee is indispensable and bosses can be largely classified into one of the 6 awful types.
It is an extreme take on the way organizations work, and sadly most of it is true. We have all come across such situations at some time in our working life. This book is an aggregate of all such situations.
I would call it an Indian Dilbert off shoot written in the current context of Satyam, Radia, Bhopal Gas compensations and the like.

The book begins with the hypothesis that Corporations are evil. After proving this hypothesis to be true the author proceeds to citing and discussing the many ways he thinks that the Boss is an enigma. And thereby classifies the bosses into different types like the Oily Oyster, Vicious viper, Flattering Fraud, The crafty conman, Burly bastion & Horny Harry. He illustrates them using entertaining real life stories/ case studies.

He illustrates various ways to intimidate the HR people and also what to do when an employee submits his resignation.

Altogether a funny book, a humorous read if you enjoy the Dilbert-ish humour.

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Sree said...

amazed at how much you read.. one curious query, do you buy them all or found a good library?