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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Resident Dormitus

Our protagonist Achet is a non-descript small town guy- he could be any one of us or anyone among us. He has taken life as it comes and so far is happy with what life has dealt to him and given a chance he will not want to change the way he lived his life because it could turn out to be something worse than what he has lived so far.
Achet is ready to start his career and more or less stumbles into the corporate world looking for ways to escape work- either by having multiple cups of coffee or playing around his emails and postponing dealing with them as much as possible or going for smoking breaks. He finds a set of friends some experienced, some not and this motley group become a gang sharing views, thoughts and their dreams.

With time, we see a change on Achet. From a trainee who outsources his coding task to an unknown internet contact to a sales trainee who finds an ingenious way to secure orders, he slowly makes it into the corporate world, traveling to and fro various time zones.

A chapter in which he comes home for a break gives us an insight into his family and his father shares his nuggets of wisdom with the restless Achet and leaves it to him to figure out the import of his wisdom,

Achet’s friends also discover their calling towards the close of the book. Arjun plans to support the military cause of his country and Bala wants to settle down in life. While Dev, he carves a different path altogether, and that too in a matter of fact manner.

To me, the book is more for reflection into the small insights in life than for purely entertainment or story value. It does have a story but there is something deeper- delving into the very psyche of what makes people behave the way they behaved. It deals with youth and their ideology and one might be able to identify the thought process of the characters at some point of time.

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