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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Diary of Amos Lee

With this cute book one can almost take a virtual tour round Singapore, from Sentosa to the Night Safari to the various eating places.
It was the outcome of a combination of reasons- Amos Lee’s mom wanted him to make good use of his time on the toilet, his father believed it would help him learn to multi task at a later stage in life and above all, Amos decided to choose the lesser of the 2 evils- between writing for 7 minutes inside the toilet or writing an essay for an hour outside the toilet.
The upshot of it all was that Amos Lee began to write his diary while he spent his 7 minutes on the toilet.

It began with small things about his parents, himself, his sister and grandparents.
Soon he was taken to various experiences by his mom- to restaurants to observe and experience breakfast behaviour. Or to think about the various advantages of living in a flat. Or to experience wild life/ farms. Therefore he came up with a variety of incidents to write about in his diary and cutely illustrated them too.
He also wrote about his school life and how the perfect bully was dealt with.
The best part is that Amos thought the diary was meant to be secret but to his annoyance his parents would read them and heaven help him, even correct the spelling mistakes and add their own comments on whether he did the right thing or a naughty thing.
The diary ends at the end of the year and by this time Amos Lee is hooked on to it- judging by the fact that he has decided to move the diary to a secret location and that 2 more diaries are in the offing,
As an idea, I found it a great one- something probably the kids could do to inculcate writing.
The book is for age group- 8-12 years

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