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Friday, August 19, 2011

Jack Patel’s Dubai Dreams

This is a contextual contemporary story of a boy who after getting his degree in finance gets a high profile, coveted job as financial adviser in Dubai. Jack’s dreams land him in the alien city of Dubai and from there he never looks back, until circumstances make him to come back to home base and start afresh.

One gets to appreciate the cities and its sights through Jack’s eyes. Jack learns to build ever lasting relationships in his workplace.
The book is full of financial terminology without being boring or complicated. The complexities of a financial adviser’s life are depicted in simple terms.

Jack meets interesting people during his client calls including Mina the gorgeous daughter of a large client who soon becomes his love interest. He faces disappointment at the hands of his uncle who doesn’t give him business.
Meanwhile he becomes confident enough to sort out his sister’s love life- albeit through his resourceful friend.
There is a hilarious incident where jack’s luggage is lost and he is forced to buy undergarments. He suspects these are second hand and he uses a newspaper to “cover important parts before wearing the new undergarments”

Jack becomes successful as a banker and accumulates an impressive clientele. He moves from the common area to an exclusive cabin for himself in a very short time.

The book covers pre Obama time through the Lehmann Brothers crash and eventually how Jack emerges a winner.

The book has splashes of humour and at some places it gets tedious but what keeps one going is that it is very contemporary and relevant to our times.

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Cocktail Party said...

Interesting!!! Looking forward to grabbing a copy soon..Thanks for the review:)