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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Left Hand right Hand

So reported Tejas- Mamma, today I washed my butt on my own in the school. (I went uggh- doing the big job in the school)
I sprayed with right hand and touched the butt with left hand. Because we eat with right hand so we must not wash with right hand.
Humko pataa hai, koi nahin bataya. Aaya maa ko many times bulaya, woh nahin aaya toh hum apne se wash kar liya.

I have decided to vanish everytime he goes to the toilet now.

Ask Ojas which hand should be used- pataa nahin, hum nahin wash karte hai.


Sue said...


Gayatri said...

- Achu had one of those happenings too..he was totally upset his akka didn't wash him
- Now he makes it a point to finish the big job every morning with his 'washer' right beside him..grrrr