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Monday, August 08, 2011

A New Level of Movie Watching

Watching a movie together with my TV-khor kids always leave me with mixed emotions.
I cannot decide whether I should be annoyed finding them glued to the TV or feel a nice camaradiere of watching something like a family without once demanding a different channel.

We were watching 3 idiots yesterday on TV. What surprised me was that not even once they said I want to watch cartoon. They sat glued to the TV watching the movie and asking uncomfortable questions about child birth and what nots. Something they had not done when they watched this movie in the theatre last year as they were totally occupied with the popcorn tub.

But they did remember that they have watched the movie in Pondicherry when they were 4 years old (which in their language means- long time ago).

The upshot of it all was that Tejas asks this morning- how come morning came so fast. Obviously he slept so late so it follows that....

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Obsessivemom said...

Lolz.. 'TV khor kids'.. so well put.