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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gardening Spree

Since the time I moved into this house, I have been gardening on an on and off basis. I start with all eagerness, continue for sometime then something happens and I am unable to continue.
Some hardy plants survive, some die and when I feel too ashamed of the garden, I pick up my tools and arrange the pots and start again.

I start visiting nurseries and buying plants like a collector of sorts. With these past years of experience, now I know exactly what to buy. I have a list of plants that will flower in my shade garden and experience has taught me what flowers to steer clear of.

The bug has bit again.
Last year my entire treasure of plants were wiped out due to the painting in the building.
My yellow croton shrub gave up the ghost recenly after a year of struggle- so strong and prolonged was the effect of the paint.

I am so fed up of looking at the shambles everyday that I decided to rebuild from scratch.
Last week the gardener was duly invited to come and make the garden ready to plant. This includes trimming the survivers, cleaning the garden and replacing the soil and manure in the pots.
This major work being outsourced, I have been free to start colecting plants. I have bought periwinkles, marvel of peru, cacti, rangoon creeper, plumbago, ferns, crotons, betel leaf and more.
So watch this space and you will see the results with pictures!

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