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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When Mira Went Forth and Multiplied

Mira is single, living alone in Bangalore and still unattached. Enter Sam, who seems to be just the right one for her. A few outings and shared moments later came that significant one-night which changed Mira’s life forever. Sam leaves to his home base and she is in love and waiting for Sam to come back to her or call her. The call never comes. Many sms-es later she decides to take him headlong at his home base. She arrives in Sam’s place pregnant with a cushion. (Sounds familiar! It did to me)

To her shock she discovers it is not Sam’s home but his Inlaws address. Sam is married to Delta who also is pregnant. But since she is still early, she doesn’t have a cushion stuffed in.
You get the drift right. Both are cheating on him. Once she hears about Sam’s indiscretion, Delta leaves home and allegedly aborts her child leading to a heart attack for Sam.

Now Sam has the best of all worlds. The wife and lover are caring for him. His Father in law is footing the bill because faithful or not, a dead son in law means no progeny.

How does Mira resolve this inner conflict- her love for Sam and disgust for his attitude towards their “child”. And most importantly, how does it change Mira in a permanent manner.

The book has a slow start, picks up pace towards the beginning of the end. Written in a satiric black humor genre, it makes one laugh at various points. At some points the characters ramble on creating a lull in the story. It could have been snappier in my opinion.

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