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Monday, August 29, 2011

Annual Day

It was Annual Day time again. And this time the frenzy seemed to be lesser as there was no shuttling of kids from small school to big school for practice and thereby it seemed to be less intimidating.

It just came upon us all of a sudden and here we were wondering what dance our kids are into. Thankfully the kids told us and also pointed out the relevant dance in the sequence given.

We were chatting away with other parents as we waited in anticipation for the show to begin and we realized that the series of sms-es we were being sent by the school regarding annual day telecast had an advantage that I had overlooked.

It was being telecast live on the internet and which meant that our families could watch the kids perform live from the comfort of their home!

As the show began, I sent frantic sms to Nana, nanai, mausi, mamu, periyappa and oh the joy! They managed to watch the performance live!

Ojas had a rocking, foot tapping spanish number- Feliz navada. He and his partner seriously performed some butt swinging complicated steps.

Tejas and his (girl) partner danced to jingle bells and at first we couldn't spot him. We spent a few confused minutes botching up our photos & videos and then all of a sudden we spotted him laughing and dancing- enjoying himself to the boot. As he came to the front, we could see the amused grin on his face as the Santa Clause came in- it wasn't real is what he said- it was a bog boy from school!

This time the dances were a little longer than the pre school dances, and it wasn't such a blink and you miss scene.

The costumes were good quality- some thing which can be used for sometime atleast.

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Gayatri said...

- Live Telecast!!!Impressive :)
- Good the kids had fun ...They look great :D