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Monday, August 01, 2011

Adultery and other Stories

Adultery is what adults do…. These were the words with which Sufi the poet explained adultery in the title story.

The author of this compilation plays on this theme of adultery- cheating, lying and betraying to create an entertaining batch of 7 stories.

Boogoo is a story of an artist living with a healer and how they manage to formulate a get rich scheme

In Bollox we are witnesses to a series of email exchanges between an organ donor and the receiver

Emailwallahs revolve around Harry Potter books and the racket of book bootleggers

Say cheese was to me was a very entertaining story of a maths teacher who tries his hand at small scale cheese making

Short stem judas is about genetically modified farming and Jig Jigolo is about a gigolo’s trip abroad to meet his client of long ago in an attempt to get some money out of her to aid his ailing business.
In a twist in the end, we are left laughing at the ironical state of things.

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