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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fun in Devlok Series

Devdutt Pattanaik’s lucid style of writing makes any complicated subject easy and interesting. With his famous Devlok series, he elucidates concepts of learning, work and play (life) balance and the concept of continuity of time.
Kama vs Yama- Jayshree is a little girl who loves to do her homework and studies. Even if her parents ask her to relax and enjoy, she gives priority to her studies. One day Kama, the God of temptation decides to play a trick on her. He entices her with thoughts of watching TV with a pack of chips. Jayshree is confused yet does what her heart tells her to do. Meanwhile, Yama appears and brandishing his diary says you ought to be doing your home work. In a delightful play of words, Kama and Yama tell her tales of the past expounding the concept of Raja Bhoj, Gangu Teli and mitti ke Madho. Ultimately, Jayshree takes a decision to be like raja Bhoj- and why? You need to read the book and find out what’s so special in Raja Bhoj’s way of leading his life. Saraswati’s Secret River- In this delightful story, we learn that Saraswati – the river of learning that once upon a time used to flow on Earth has vanished because of different reasons than what we know of. She vanished because the school she flowed through became inhabited with people with parrot heads- those who parroted concepts and lessons without understanding them. Saraswati explains the concept of learning with a purpose and reminds the teacher of the little boy who was always curious about stuff and had his nose into an encyclopedia.

Shiva Plays Dumb Charades- The kids A,B,C,D,E are having fun as their parents party in the next room. They are playing Dumb Charades and lo and behold. Who decides to join them? None other than Lord Shiva himself in his Nataraj form- the Dancing God. He plays his own version of dumb charades explaining the significance of each Bhav and Mudra of his hands and thereby bringing out complicated concepts for the children- like the concept of continuity of time.

I loved the books because they are so easy to explain and read. Also I feel the simple line drawings could become a nice colouring book for the kids- but not now- when they start colouring neatly!

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