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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Bollywood Wedding

A total Bollywood + Mills & Boon plus Shopoholic series book in one. I could easily draw parallels between Shopoholic ties the knot and this book as they are eerily similar.
Maya is all set to get married to Dr Jahangir. Things are going fine until Jahangir’s father decides to cut his allowances off because he is unhappy about his choice of bride.Jahangir is left on his own in USA trying to make both ends meet, battling the loan on his head and trying to manage the wedding expenses.Meanwhile, Maya is busy organizing the wedding alone. She begins with a Mughal theme and then downsizes it to a Bollywood theme wedding.
Jahangir, despite being in the US, keeps popping in at the right time, unexpectedly. His mother strongly supports him and that is the saving grace. There is the evil bhabhi, the handsome cousin who is fast becoming a dangerous distraction/ attraction to Maya in the absence of Jahangir but little does she know that everything is a big trap for her.
Does Maya manage to get married against all odds? Including her own confusion towards her feelings for Jahangir?
The book is written in typical Rekha Waheed style where each chapter is a lesson in love or rather Man Management.
It manages to keep the reader hooked because of its familiarity to Asian concept of wedding, large families coming together; and the shopping, planning and the works.

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