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Friday, September 02, 2011

Beyond the MBA Hype

This book aims to enlighten anyone who wants to know about the MBA course- ranging from an aspirant to parents to just the common curious.
For those who find MBA school / course as a big mystery- this book aims to unravel the same.
It starts from basic- ask yourself why to go for an MBA, and slowly takes the reader through application process, what to expect in the exam, interview process and how to prepare for the interview and overall how to scale the entire course. It also talks of internship, bridging the skill gaps, career options and the importance of networking.
This book is to make one street smart in the MBA world from an understanding point of view. One can prepare oneself on what to expect and how to gear up for the MBA course. Also makes for a good reference point and something to refer once one is already into the course.
I would like to draw upon the comparison with Dr Spock’s book on parenting- The book doesn’t make one a parent but definitely tells a parent whether they are headed in the right direction or just blundering through.
I liked the chapter – Inside the class- which details on what to expect in a particular elective subject in the MBA curriculum.
The section on fielding interview questions and on how to make one’s CV look more promising are worthwhile.
Basically demystifying the MBA hype.


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